Beauty Tips, Top 10 Beauty Tips and Tricks Part 2

11# Drink milk each day, Beauty tips, top 10 beauty tips and tricks

Drinking milk is one of the best you can do in order to maintain your beauty. When you drink milk each day, you would be providing your body with the essential nutrients to strengthen your hair and bones. Aside from that, it can also make your skin look younger, enhance your health and the looks of your eyes.

12# Refrigerate toners and floral waters during summer time

Toners and floral water can help you freshen up, especially during the warmer months. Thus, it is best that you keep them inside the refrigerator during the summer months, so that you can use them cold. To feel refreshed, you can always spray your face with it.

13# Never pick pimples beauty tips

Having lots of pimples on your face can affect your beauty. Thus, you don’t want it to multiply. Picking your pimples is actually one of the things that can make you have more of them. This is because pricking it can spread the infection further. Aside from that, it can also damage your skin tissue around the pimple.

14# Exfoliate your hands each week

Having hands that are soft smooth would definitely add more to your already beautiful image. To achieve that, you should exfoliate your hands one a week, with the use of a natural exfoliating liquid. Use it in light circular movements, so as to gently massage your skin.

Beauty Tips, Top 10 Beauty Tips and Tricks Part 2

15# Fix you yellow nails, 10 beauty tips and tricks

Yellow nails is not something that you can be proud off. Thus, if you have them, you can simply make use of a homemade whitening bath for it. All you need to do is to mix enough lemon juice and rose petals into a bowl of clean water, and dip your hands into it. After going through that process, apply a moisturizing lotion to enhance the results.

16# Replace candies and chocolates with fresh fruits

One of the many weaknesses of some people is to crave for sweets, which can affect their beauty. Thus, instead of eating candies, and other food items that are filled with sugar, you should eat fresh fruits. Foods that have high sugar content can enlarge your pores, aside from the fact that it can make you gain weight.

17# Have a facial once a month, beauty tips

Going through facial each month can provide you with lots of benefits. Some of which would include collagen and elastin recovery, improve the circulation of your blood vessels, even out your skin color, improve hydration, and improve skin tone. It can also make your skin soft and radiant.

18# Keep your makeup simple and light each day

It is always best to show people your natural beauty. You can achieve this by keeping your makeup as simple and light each day. When you do that, you would also prevent skin damage, which is one of the effects of using heavy makeup on a regular basis.

Beauty tips, Top 10 Beauty tips and Tricks

19# Using lip balm, 10 Beauty tips and tricks

Keep in mind that maintaining the condition of your lips can also enhance your beauty. To do that, it is always best to carry a lip balm wherever you may go. Lip balm can prevent your lips from drying out. Because of that, it is one of the best ways to prevent or cure lip chapping. With the right kind of lip balm, it can also soften your lips.

20# Be gentle with your skin near your eyes

The skin under your eyes is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Thus, it is best that you are gentle with it. You should not pull or stretch it, since it would definitely show, and affect your looks, With regular pulling and stretching in that part of your face, it can look wrinkled or saggy in no time.

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