01. Pay per click Arbitrage, make money online

PPC arbitrage is when you buy ads on Google AdWords, make money online-and then when users click on the ads, they simply see a bunch of advertisements to go to other sites. They click those advertisements, and you earn income. The difference between the amount you pay to buy the advertisements and the amount you receive per click is the profit you make.

In order for you to make money online with arbitrage services, here are some steps you can take

  • Set up a very simple website for yourself. You will use this direct people to new page.
  • Purchase some PPC ads on Google AdWords.
  • Set up Google AdWords so that people are redirected to your webpage after they click through the ad.
  • Get paid for every click on your ads
  • Pocket the difference

How much money can I make ? make money online
This is highly dependent on several factors- the niche you’re in, how many ads you have up, how much you’re paying for each ad, how much you get paid when people click on your ads, etc.. but you can safely assume anywhere from $.01 to $1. They key with this is to scale to a large degree.

02. E-currency trading

Make onney online-E-currency trading is similar to stock trading, and just like with stock trading, it’s one of the riskier ways to earn money unless you are well aware of what are doing. However, once you get familiar with it and understand when to buy or sell currencies, then you can lot of profit out of it.

In order for you make money with e-currency trading, here are some steps you can take

  • Analyze the current market before you buy or sell any currency
  • Keep watching market to buy or sell currencies at the right time
  • Take advice from experts in the area if required

How much money can I make?
It depends on the currencies you hold and the decisions you make. This can potentially be very lucrative, though of course it can also be a major loss for you.

03. Expert in something? Get paid by becoming a guide in about.com

f you are an expert in any subject matter, then, you can become one of the guides in about.com. To become a guide in about.com, you need to browse though their available topic and apply for the topics that you are an expert in. You will have to go though their filtering process before getting hired and then if they choose you as one of the guides, you need to undergo their training.

How much money can I make by becoming an about.com guide

Straight from the website: In addition to be a base payment guaranteed to be $675 per month for Guides in their first two years, with a minimum of $500 per month afterwards, about.com pays Guides by measuring page-view growth month-over-month for guides in their first year, and year-over-year every year after with payment incentive for page-view. If you page-views grow, you never make less than $675 per month. This is a nice way to get money in addition to using the other methods we have gone over.

04. Is your website successful? Make it a subscription website

If you have managed to build enough traffic for your site, consider making it a subscription website. A subscription site is one which people have to pay in order to view the content on it. This will only work if you have a strong followers base since there are millions of sites that have free content, but it is definitely something to consider.

In order for you make money with a subscription website, here are some steps you can take

  • Choose a niche for yourself and start a website
  • Keep writing interesting content within the niche you have chosen
  • Participate in user forums which talks about your niche
  • Build your credibility by publishing only quality content
  • Keep posting content on daily basis as long as possible
  • Over a period of time you can build regular followers for your site
  • After that is done, you can convert you site into a subscription site and start earning

How much can I make out it?
You can play around with the numbers, but even $5 or $10 a month adds up very quickly.

05. Review website for fee, make money online

If you have a popular website with lots of traffic, you can start reviewing sites in your niche for a fee. A lot of people would love to leverage your traffic and would be more than happy to pay you to give them more exposure. If you do this, make sure to provide honest and in-depth reviews about the good aspects and the flaws. This is a nice way to get products for fee.

In order for you make money online by reviewing websites, here are some steps you can take

  • Post an ad on your website saying that you are taking new clients for reviews. If your website is popular, that alone could be enough.
  • Do a search o Google and approach the website in your niche. Websites that aren’t high in the search engines might be eager to get more traffic, and websites that already are high may still want more. The more offers you send, the better your results. Make sure to mention your website traffic numbers if you to send out emails.

How much can I make out it?
This will depend on how much traffic you get and what your niche is in. You can charge anywhere from $50 to $500 for each review you do.

06. Become an SEO Consultant, make money online

Search Engine Optimization is the process of helping website get onto the top of Google. So for example, when someone types in “San Diego Baker” every San Diego baker would want to show up on the top 10 of Google’s results. An SEO consultant would help make that happen. As an SEO consultant, you would look at different element of a client’s website and work with them to get their site SEO-friendly.

In order for you to become an SEO consultant, here are some steps you can take

  • Create a website for yourself
  • Show samples of what you’ve been able to do before with search engine results
  • To get clients, you may want to type in certain search terms and approach clients who are not already at the top and you think you help
  • You can also find SEO consultant positions on upwork.com

How much money can I make?
If you are an expert with proven track record, you can make hourly rate the minimum would be $10 an hour or a set price every time a website goes to the top $500 or more. You may want to start off with lower prices in the beginning to establish a track and record and then go up as you learn more.

07. Write Landing page for website

Make money online- A landing page is the first page a visitor sees when they click on a company’s website These pages are very important to webmasters since most people decide if they’re going to stay on a website within 5 seconds of getting there. A good landing page needs to look compelling, but also have all the elements that Google wants Keyword rich and so forth so that it’s picked up by the search engines and stays high on the search results. If you can create the right combination of attractiveness+ Google savvy, you can earn a lot of money.

In order for you to make money with writing landing pages, here are some steps you can take

  • Get yourself registered in freelancing sites such as upwork.com
  • Look for openings which ask for SEO experts and start applying for them. Once you get hired, write a search engine optimized and attractive landing page

How much can I make of such services?
If you become an expert in this, you can reasonably between $10-$15 per hour depending on your experience and expertise.

08. Create an affiliate website

If you don’t want to sell products- either with drop-shipping or having your own products- then you could also consider becoming an affiliate. As an affiliate, you simply refer people to other sites and earn a commission every time a sale is made. You can become an affiliate for major stores like target, well mart, or Amazon, as well as very specific niche sites

In order for you to have affiliate website, here are mose steps you can take

  • Design a website for yourself and set up a virtual along with payment methods. You can also register as a seller on eBay or Amazon. Alternatively, you could simply give reviews of products and then link people directly to the pages of the products that you are mentioning.
  • Make sure that you’re singed up on some affiliate sites. Some of the more popular ones include Click-bank. Those sites are both directories and can give you more information about hundreds of merchants with programs.
  • Start building your customer base. Advertise in websites or forums, social networks, among-st,.
  • Enjoy the profit margin

How much money can I make out of an online virtual store?
Some affiliate programs will pay per lead- anywhere from $20 to $100 while others charge a percentage of sales- while others pay a flat amount per sale. This is highly different for each type of program.

09. Create templates for popular blogs/ forums

If you are very creative and is good at designing templates, then you can design impressive templates for popular forums or blogs and start selling them. If your designs are appealing, then you can make a lot of extra money.

In order for you to become a template designer, here are some steps you can take

  • Design an impressive website for yourself
  • Upload a few sample template in your site
  • You cloud also design a niche-specific template and then approach people in the niche to see if they would be interested in purchasing your template.

How much can I make out of such services?
So-templates usually go for anywhere from $10 to $ 500, depending on the complexity of each template, If you do one-off, custom-designed sites, then you can charge more.

10. Invest in buying valuable websites

You can make a lot of money by identifying small, valuable websites, and then buying them. If you can even a few tweaks to improve profit and then hold on the sites for a little of time, you can flip the sites and make more money than when you started. Not only can this be lucrative, but it can be really fun to find out about new niches and learn things. make money online.

In order for you to make money with buying and sell website, here are some steps you can take

  • You can buy sell websites in sites websitebroker.com or flippa or themeforest.com
  • You can also find sites by browsing the net and contacting website owners directly.
  • Make sure to protect yourself by giving owners non-compete agreements and getting all your paperwork in order.
  • Tweak the sites for maximum profit
  • Keep records of sales
  • Sell the site for a better price

How much money can I make?
It depends on how valuable the site is and the profit margin. You can make anywhere from $50 to the thousands of dollars. depending on how well your tweaks go.

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