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I final got the courage to go and ask him out, but he is with smiling and being happy. I see him with her all the time and he is happy. So I don’t tell him how I fell about him. A few weeks later. Then when I’m all smiley and happy with my new boyfriend. Then he finally notices me. He comes over to ask me out and I say no. He is upset, but I am tired of being upset about him. Then he finds out I’m going out with his twin brother and he is even madder than he was and I feel sad about this. I’m happy with his brother because his brother noticed me before I noticed him. Now I’m happy so I get over it.


I have heard that people feel it. You heard that people feel it. I heard that people want it. You heard that people want it. I didn’t know what they meant,  until I meet you. I started to feel it. I started to know what people meant about it. I felt it and you felt it. Now we can learn about it together. Because we are in love and now we know we what love is.


I drop her off at school. I see her take a deep breath and walk towards him. I see her talk to him, but I don’t know what she is say-in. I have to go or I’ll be late for work. I drive away thinking and wondering what she said. I drive to work and do may job. I drive to pick up the kids and then drive home. She runs to her room. I walk to her room and see that she is crying. I walk in to her room. She looks really upset. “What is  wrong?” I ask. ” He said no. Eric, just said no.” She said. Then I remembered this morning and how she was talking to a guy. “Don’t worry about it. You will get over it and you will find someone better. When you are hap-pay, he will ask you, but you will say no because you are happy with someone better than him.” I tell her. ” How do you know that?” She asks. ” I know something about this. I’ve been thought it before. ” I say as I walk away. The next week she has a boyfriend and he makes her person in the world. Eric ( the first guy she talked to ) asked her out, but she says no because she is happier with someone else that is why better than Eric……

Last Place

I had to try. I knew if I didn’t tell him how I feel, I would be miser-able. He is my best friend, bur still I needed to tell him how I felt about him. I ran and I ran and I ran. When I got his house, he was sitting on his porch with his twin brother. When I ran up to them, I could hardly breath. I told him what I had to say. I saw the shock on his face. When I saw how shocked he was, I turned bright red and know I did something wrong. I knew I made a mistake about telling him. So I turned and ran. I ran as fast as I could. I got to may favorite park and sat on my favorite bench and cried there. Then I noticed his twin brother followed me. His brother tells me things I didn’t know. His brother tells me what I told him. I realize that his brother has always liked me and I didn’t notice until now. Then I feel better knowing that I will be happy again, even if it is not with the guy I thought I would. TWO MONTHS LATER….

…..My best friend rans up to me. He is breathing hard . He tells me how he feels about me. I’m shock and he rans away. I follow him and tell he that he had a chance, but he didn’t take it. Now that I happy he should be happy for me, like I was for him. He is mad at me when I tell him because I’m happy with his brother. THREE MONTHS LATER…

……I am now married and happy with my best friend brother and my best friend is happy is happy with his twin best friend.


I see you walk towards me and then I notice that your walking pass me. I see you look my way, but then realize that your looking pass me. In the halls I see you hug her and kiss her, but you don’t notice my expression. I sit by you on the bus and all you talk about is her, but you don’t notice how angry I am. This goes on for months without you noticing. Then one day I walk on the bus after school with a smile and you still don’t notice. The next day at school I walk pass you and you notice. I notice you tonic-ING I’m hugging and kissing him. Then it is Saturday night and it is raining outside and I hear a tap at my balcony door. I walk to it and open it. You are there all soaking wet, looking sad. I run and grab you a towel and let you come in to get warm. Then you stand up and take hand and I pull away. You look down and mumble something and I ask ” What did you say?”. You look in to my eyes and says ” I said I Love You”. I’m shock that you tell me this. Then you pull me in your arms and held me tight. Then you kiss me but I pull away and said” Why haven’t you notice me until now?” and you don’t answer. So I turn away and tell you to go home. Then Monday comes around you are upset but I’m happy because I’m with my boyfriend. He is some one who noticed me but before I was his

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